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Things You Can Do Today

Help get more healthy vegan choices for home and travel:


ASK:  “Are there any vegan options on the menu?”Young man looking at a menu in a restaurant

ASK:  “Can the chef make any menu items vegan?”

COMMENT CARDS / RECEIPTS:  write: “Please offer some vegan items on the menu, with labels so we can find them easily and order quickly.”Vegan Food Label for Restaurant Menu


CONTACT Restaurant  Headquarters or Owner:  Receipts have contact information.  Let them know: “I would eat here more often if there were vegan menu Ask for more Vegan Menu Items in Restaurantsitems with vegan labels.”

VEGANIZE: Ask your server if the chef can make an existing menu item differently, with no animal products (you might have to list them: cheese, milk, meat, etc.)

HAPPY COW app or website: use this tool to find places to eat that offer vegan food, or food that can be made vegan.Couple with GPS navigator and baggage Vegan Smartphone Apps for Travel to find food

VEGAN EXPRESS app: Use this tool to find vegan items on the menu items at non-vegan places.



PERIMETER: Shop the perimeter of grocery stores where the plant-based whole foods usually are.woman in the purchase of fruit and vegetables





CONTACT SCHOOLS:  Ask for healthful vegan options on the school menu, and if possible, in the school vending machines.More Healthy Vegan Food in Schools and College




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