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002 Finding Vegan Food in Non-Vegan Places

Side Dish vegan.  No Cheese, Oil, Milk, Butter, or Salt.  But have chef add spices.

Side Dish vegan. No Cheese, Oil, Milk, Butter, or Salt. But have chef add spices.

Three tips for finding vegan food in non-vegan places.

I picked up these tips during my first year as a vegan commercial airline pilot.

(1) Side Dish Vegan – Order side dishes, but order in a new way.  No “COMBS”  (Cheese, Oil, Milk, Butter, Salt). Let the chef go crazy with the spices, but no salt.  Write out instructions and hand to waiter to make it easy.   Have the veggies cooked in water, not oil.  They taste better that way.




Veggies cooked in water by the hotel restaurant omelet chef.  No eggs, meat, cheese.

Veggies cooked in water by the restaurant omelet chef. No eggs, meat, cheese.

(2) Hotel Breakfast Ideas– Have the Omelet Chef cook you just sautéed veggies and mushrooms, in water.  No COMBS, this time the “M” stands for meat.   Most hotel breakfast buffets have hot non-dairy oatmeal, fruit, and some grab-and-go fruit like apples, bananas, or oranges for later snacks.



Yogurt Places - get the topping only for a vegan feast.

Yogurt Places – get the topping only for a vegan feast.

(3) Yogurt Places – Topping only.   Avoid the yogurt.  Instead, fill up your bowl with fresh toppings: strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mangos, dried cranberries, coconut, and mixed nuts.

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001 Start


Button StartOTGVS 001

  • Title: “Start”
  • Intro
    • Welcome to On-The-Go Vegan Show… the podcast where you and I share vegan tips for home AND travel. I’m your host, STEVE KERN.
    • Focus
      • I created this show for people who are already VEGAN, and AND ON-THE-GO (traveling between cities, or just between home and office, home and school).
      • I’ve been eating exclusively plant-based food– no meat, eggs, fish, or dairy products, since March of 2013.
      • I find that pretty easy at home. But not so easy on the road. And I’m on the road a LOT, working as a full-time AIRLINE PILOT.
      • Many restaurants and airports and other places away from home like SCHOOLS STILL don’t offer much in the way of good plant-based food.
      • So it can be challenging to be an on-the-go vegan.
      • I’ll share with you (AND I’ll LEARN FROM YOU) new ways to survive and even thrive as an on-the-go vegan.
      • Show notes for each episode… OnTheGoVeganShow.com
      • In this episode
        • My vision for this podcast
          • A 30 minute show, once a week
          • Interviews occasionally
            • Vegan Celebrities
            • Vegan Athletes
            • Vegan Authors
          • Goals – Make it Easy!
            • Ask for more Vegan Stamps on menu items so we don’t have to ask our waiters and waitresses so many questions every time we order, like “Hey is there milk or eggs in that pasta?”
          • Food for travel
            • Snack bars
            • Quick recipes
              • Excerpts from the best vegan cookbooks– just the on-the-go items that you can bring with you easily.
            • Restaurants
              • How to find them
              • What to order from them
              • How to veganize items on the menu by knowing how to order them differently
          • Magazines
          • Books
        • My story
          • I have been an airline pilot since the mid-1990s. I’ve always lived in one city and been based in another city, which is fairly common for airline pilots.
          • Commute grew to a weekly 5 hour flight as a passenger– just to get to and from work.
            • That’s hard on the body
            • A Vegan doctor told me to watch “Forks Over Knives.” I was so moved by the information in Forks Over Knives that I went vegan immediately, and still didn’t even know what the word “vegan” was for another week.
            • Firemen and professional fighter
            • Vacation at home to start.
            • Home vegan was easy.
            • But serious challenges at work
            • So I contacted another vegan pilot – more experience as vegan
            • He saved me time and money – with dozens of simple tips.
            • I want to do that for you.
            • I also want you to pass your tips along to me.
            • Feedback – Facebook page – mention later
        • Quick tips I have learned from other vegans:
          • 2 must-have vegan apps for your smartphone
            • Happy Cow
            • Vegan Express
          • Quick snack that I make at home and bring with me on trips.
            • Date-nut bars
              • Dates – no pits!
              • Nuts – cashews
              • Food processor
              • Cookie pan
              • Parchment paper
              • Rolling pin
              • Freezer for 10 minutes
              • Pizza cutting wheel
          • My top 3 snack bar choices
            • Larabars
            • Clif Bars
            • Oskri
        • Your feedback from this show’s Facebook page
          • Facebook– There is one comment I will read in today’s episode.
            • Byron: Your podcast can change lives. I would love to leave voice mail questions about why I find the logistics of converting to vegan so challenging. Not the psychology of committing to a plant based diet but how to setup your Vegan based life style – the spices, food shopping, containers and mandatory setup basics
              • Byron, thanks for that feedback. I am looking at various voicemail-feedback options, including one I can put right on my website. I will give an update on that in one of the next episodes.
              • I also added “vegan setup options for home and travel” in upcoming episodes. Whenever I leave town, I have a lunchbox that attaches to my suitcase roller board handle. I fill an ice bag with water and freeze it solid before a trip, so it stays frozen longer than using ice cubes. That way for the first day of a trip, I can carry lots of items that need to stay cold, like home made salsa, hummus, vegetables, and fruit. There is a separate section for items that don’t need to stay cold like nuts and seeds. I hope more people will leave feedback like yours on Facebook.com/onthegoveganshow thank you!
  • Closing
    • Disclaimer
      • This is a good time for me to mention the disclaimer: On the Go Vegan Show is produced by me, based on my own personal experience with a vegan diet which I started in early 2013. I am not a medical professional nor nutritionist and cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects from information given on my website or podcast. It is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical advice before you make any lifestyle changes.
    • Quote: The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain
      • This podcast episode 1 is a start. Let’s build on it.
        • Please leave me feedback on facebook.com/onthegoveganshow
        • Or my website onthegoveganshow.com
        • Twitter names have to be shorter so I’m at twitter.com/otgveganshow.com
        • I always appreciate honest reviews and ratings in iTunes as well.
    • In next week’s episode
      • I’ll share new ways to order your food at non-vegan restaurants so that it comes out vegan, AND delicious.
      • Websites for on-the-go vegans
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Resource Page Added

resourceI added a resource page to organize some vegan tips mentioned in my podcast episodes and blog posts.  I get so many food questions when I travel that I wanted to have a site to answer people’s questions, such as how do I find plant-based food when traveling, and what kind of blender and juicer do I use.


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Coming in May 2014

Easy ways to enjoy your plant-based lifestyle at home and away.

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